‘Caught in the Middle’

Written by Jordan Alfonso and Shane Meredith

Directed by Talina Adamo

Synopsis: A brainiac pre-teen boy and a stunning, popular, and trendy girl come to the realization, with the help of his friends, that they are not too different after all and that being true to your heart will take you further than you ever imagined possible.


‘Mayor of Storyville’

by Kenny Haas

Sprinkling entertainment into every subject, the Mayor of Storyville inspires children to explore their creative talents. Filmed LIVE before 300 K-5th grade students, it instills a sense of “I can do that,” in students. Teachers love it, stating, “What is amazing is the respect you have for your audience and they eagerly return that to you.” Which is why the Mayor remains a hero to each audience. Thousands of teachers and students have used this to kick off their Young Authors’ Events. And, the kids can’t believe they are having this much fun while at school. Children are entertained as they participate in creative storytelling, drawing, dancing, imitations, singing, fun facts, crafts, and more. It is a show where parents can have fun laughing and playing along with their children. The Mayor stimulates the audience’s imagination and challenges them to attempt new skills while in the comfort of their own home or at school. “Have fun, be kind to one another, be good, and I’ll see you real soon … in Storyville.”