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Drama (Short)


Produced by Michael Scarnati and Sebastian Montjuich
Written and Directed by Michael Scarnati
TRT (14:00)
Synopsis: A father dealing with his own demons becomes suspicious that his son is hiding something from him.

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Foreign (Short)

‘I Believe In Manuel’

Produced by Robert Cornelio, Written and Directed by Inti Santana
TRT (6:47)
Manuel’s parents do not have the resources or the support of the state to cover the special attentions he needs for his autistic condition, despite the difficulties they face every day, they struggle and persevere to pay for the best education they can provide, Until a pleasant surprise is presented illuminating its way.

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Web Series Pilot

‘Lazy Circles’

Written, Produced and Directed by Marcus Ross
TRT (40:00)
Synopsis: Lazy Circles is a single-camera comedy taking a look at the hilarity and excitement in a small Oklahoma town. Whether it’s the house-raiding librarian’s book burnings, the mayor’s citizen arrest machine that catches perverts, or deadly storms being tracked by a weatherman’s nose, there’s always something crazy happening in Goshè. Inspired by true stories and experiences from Emmy award-winning, Oklahoma brothers, Marcus and Lucas Ross, Lazy Circles features a mixture of actors alongside      real, rural Americans telling the story of a people who worship weathermen in a town with more churches than stop signs.

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Children / Family

‘Trick Shop’

Written, Produced and Directed by Kit Wilson
TRT (16:00)
Synopsis: “A shy, introverted girl journeys to a magical dimension to battle horrific nightmares from her past.”

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Children / Family

‘Search it Up’

Writer: Dave Ingham, Producer: Estelle Lloyd and Directed by Sara Cox
TRT (2:00)
Synopsis: Keeping children safe online is such an important issue at the moment but there are not enough films addressing this. Search It Up was created to teach primary school-aged children about internet safety in a fun, engaging and relatable way.

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Foreign (Short)

‘The Last Letter’

Writer: Sara Morbidi, Producer: Lia Ross and director Jassel Gonzalez
TRT (13:57)
It is the story of a father and his son living on the outskirts of the city. The son is accused by the police, particularly by Lieutenant Encarnacion of killing women. The son plans from prison how to help his father.

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 Foreign (Short)

‘The Great Silence’

Produced by Hector Esquer , Written, Produced and Directed by Claudia Esquer
TRT (11:35)
Lina is a mother, and a famous fashion designer. After being diagnosed with a malignant cancerous tumor, she has to undergo various treatments and surgery. We discover how she deals with her situation before the great silence.

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Music Video

Crónica de Flor (Cuentas por cobrar) by Sabrina Estepan

Produced by Robert Cornelio, Jalsen Santana, Francisco Disla, Written and directed by Ronni Castillo                                                                                                                                                    TRT (3:28)

Crónica de Flor is part of the ACHILLES’S REDEMPTION movie soundtrack. “ACHILLES’S REDEMPTION” a journey where new opportunities are born, tells the story of a man who has fulfilled justice for ten years and now tries to redeem his life with a decent job, but his son’s illness forces him to make an order For the Frenchman, a usurer who operates in the market, while doing business; Ephraim a worthy man, comes to the market and is greeted with a knife in his throat, henceforth the two will face all that will stand in a long way to try to save his son from a deadly disease.

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